Remember These When Visiting Oakland

golden state warriors

California’s eighth largest city is not just an epitome of rich history and vibrant culture. It’s also best known for its sustainable policies, with renewable power sources as their electricity platform. It’s even best known for its sport franchises, with Golden State Warriors as their basketball flagship.

Oakland is also best known for having no shortage of places to go such as the Jack London Square, where one can go wine tasting; or the Mountain View Cemetery, where one can go hill trekking. It’s even best known for having no shortage of things to do such as seeing stars, especially at the Chabot Space and Science Center; or riding horses, especially at the Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve.

That being said, remember these when visiting Oakland:

Make reservations in advance.

This especially goes for luxury travelers who are planning to visit every tourist attraction, as well as for budget travelers who are planning to visit other tourist attractions. As mentioned before, there is no shortage of places to go in Oakland. But you see, one couldn’t be too sure of every place being available at all times. This port city is considered as the fifth busiest city all over the United States of America; hence, the need for you to make reservations in advance.

Follow your itinerary in accordance.

Just think of it like planning for a weekend in Seattle itinerary. This is for you to roam around Oakland without getting tired easily due to some tourist attractions being located a few kilometers away from where you’re currently standing on.

Take in the fresh air.

Although a major city in the West Coast, Oakland is still an epitome of nature – with lots of natural places to go such as parks and gardens, as well as lakes and woodlands. Take in the fresh air anytime in any of these places.